What is a HAM Radio?

HAM radio, or amateur radio, is a unique way of connecting with people from all over the world with just a small radio. Some people use it to make new friends from around the world, while others tune in and listen for emergencies with which they can be of assistance. At the beginning of this radio technology, it was necessary to learn Morse code but today, users can simply speak and communicate with other users around the world.

Getting involved with HAM radio is really quite simple and can be done by almost anyone. The only things that are needed are a radio and a basic understanding of radio technology and operations.

These radio users are also required to pass an examination from the FCC before they are allowed to operate on frequencies known as Amateur Bands, which have been reserved for this purpose.

The people who use amateur radio, known as Hams, come from all over the world and all walks of life. Teenagers use it to play games with international friends just as often as housewives use it to connect with other women from around the globe. There are hams broadcasting that come from a wide array of geographical locations, socioeconomic groups and nationalities.

There are many reasons that someone may decide to get involved with HAM radio. For some, it is a social activity and they take part in local radio clubs. These clubs often hold “DX Contests,” where participants compete to get the most friends from the furthest away. With HAM radio, it is even possible to communicate with astronauts in space.

HAM radio is a fun and interesting hobby that allows users to connect with others from all corners of the globe. It is even possible to be a hero with this form of radio if a local emergency is detected. You just might find that you are first on the scene and that radio would possibly be the reason that a life was saved. If you want to try and reach as far as outer space from the comfort of home, try getting involved with HAM radio.

Everything You Need to Know About the Sony XDRF1HD HD Radio Tuner

Radios are excellent entertainment devices that keep you updated with the latest in the music industry, as well as with the current events. And if you ask me, I praise Sony for developing the Sony XDRF1HD HD Radio Tuner because it’s a real gem, and here’s why.


You’d have to be fooled by that box-like figure and think that it’s an absolute wreck or something, but Sony used an old-fashioned design and incorporated it in a new model. As a matter of fact, the XDRF1HD is one of the best when it comes to radio technology. But the design isn’t that bad. The compact box is an excellent tabletop or desktop décor and you can fit it in any room of the house because it’s black and it’s definitely handy.

Weighing around 2.7 pounds and measuring about 6.4” x 7.1” x 2.4”, you wouldn’t find it hard to find space for this radio. And fully equipped with a remote control, no other radio could be easier to operate.


The backlit dot matrix LCD is easy enough to read, and because it’s digital, every necessary information you need is displayed on the screen. You can choose the display brightness, contrast, and even the information. You can set the display mode to show the frequency and name of the radio station you’re tuned in to, or you can choose to display a 12-hour clock with the date and time. Even in dark rooms, you can read the information clearly because of the bright backlight.


This is the best feature of this machine, since it is a radio. The most fabulous about this model is it’s HD and it plays with high fidelity AM/FM/HD radio technology. The HD or hybrid digital reception turns AM sound like FM and FM sound like a CD playing. Simply said, it makes radio music a lot clearer, crisper, sharper, and more audible for complete musical entertainment and the best current news broadcast listening.

The reception is certified static-free and high definition. HD radio allows FM multicasting, which lets you receive multiple radio steams over a single FM frequency. Now you can choose whether you’re going to listen to the local station frequency or an out-of-town station. You can also save 20 preset stations to keep all your favorites without having to memorize all their frequencies and station names.

Unlike satellite radio that requires a monthly subscription fee, HD radios let you listen to excellent digitally broadcast radio stations for free. This is so much more preferable if you really enjoy digital tuning. You can forget about that subscription and just switch to this model.

Other Features

Another excellent addition to this system is the remote control which lets you navigate through the radio without having to stand up and press the buttons. Also, the radio has an audio jack that allows you to connect the device to other audio systems like speakers, subwoofers, and even home stereo equipment. Now you can listen to your favorite HD stations in full volume in the comfort of your home.


I absolutely love this little guy because it gives me the complete satisfaction of enjoying my favorite radio stations and the latest songs in the hit charts in the best HD quality. I also don’t have to worry about subscription and I can say that I’ve benefitted a lot from having this device. The Sony XDRF1HD HD Radio Tuner is an excellent gift, home appliance, and personal device that I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys good music.

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The Freedom Of Portable Satellite Radio

As time goes by and technology grows and changes to suit the needs of people we have seen an increase in the need for portability in media. People are on the go and require more portability in their Radios. Science and Technology has grown with the demand of the people. This demand has bred Portable Satellite Radios.

Portable Satellite Radio allows a person to listen to various genres of music at any given time, on demand, via Satellite technology. Where once we had Cassette tape walkman devices, then Compact Disc walkman devices we now have the capability to take our music with us wherever we go without being limited to the radio stations in our local vicinity. This means there is no longer a boundary of radio signal that is limited to your town or city. Now you can hear feeds that take place all over the nation, without having to wait for it to be syndicated and picked up by your local radio station.

There are many different Portable Satellite Radio providers such as XM, Sirius Radio and many others. These services are fee based and provide users with a variety of different genres of music for a monthly service charge. This allows the Portable Satellite Radio user to be able to travel with his or her musical selections but not limit them to a play list of music that is made up of only a few songs.

Not only is there a wide variety of music on Portable Satellite Radio. There are also many other types of media such as the national news and Talk Radio. As the Portable Satellite Radio technologies took off shock jock Howard Stern made the switch from normal syndicate radio to Portable Satellite Radio. Many other radio personalities quickly followed suit.

The reason behind the boom of radio personalities making the switch from normal analog radio to Portable Satellite Radio is that it gave them the freedom from some of the FCC restrictions about freedom of speech. Unlike analog radio the FCC doesn’t control as strictly Portable Satellite Radio feeds. Portable Satellite Radio and the boom in the industry also gave radio personalities a broader fan-base. Exposing them to more people who typically may have not heard of them or had the opportunity to enjoy what they bring to the radio.

When looking for a Portable Satellite Radio service you must take into consideration coverage area as well as pricing. What kind of cost will you pay for the convenience of not being bound to limited music and services? Portable Satellite Radio gives you the convenience that is almost necessary in today’s fast paced world of technology and media.

Most audio equipment retailers now provide Portable Satellite Radio devices and services. For the most part these devices can be budget-friendly and the monthly service fees reasonable. If you are interested in expanding your musical tastes and are an on-the-go type of person, Portable Satellite Radio may be something you would be interested in.

Reasons To Choose Satellite Radio Technology

For many years, satellite television had been available to the viewer, allowing you to watch your favorite shows in high definition quality. It is now even possible to surf the Internet by these means and you get to enjoy super fast speed. So, it is logical that you should be able to listen to satellite radio with this technology.

Swapping over from your regular radio to this new technology means that you no longer have to become frustrated over poor signal strength or quality. The broadcast quality is excellent and you never have to worry about constantly fine tuning your favorite station due an enlarged sized footprint.

Normally, if you are driving on a long journey, you will have to constantly retune your radio as you travel to search for a new station you like as you move from one locality to the next, unless you have tuned into a national station. This switching and tuning that has been a part of life for FM and AM radio listeners really is now becoming a thing of the past.

When you are searching for new radio stations to listen to by this modern and diverse method, you will find that stations are often categorized by genre and era or decade. This means you could tune into a channel that plays the specialist music you love, such as 1980s pop music. You will almost certainly be used to this method already if you have satellite television in the home; here once again you will find hundreds of specialist music channels to choose from.

What you may find different in listening to the radio in this digital age is that there will be less talk time, less intros and just good quality music. The disc jockey does still exist in satellite radio, but he takes more of a back seat. He will prepare the songs for the next hour and compile them onto a format that is like an MP3 to play; long gone are the days where records got stuck or jumped on your favorite show.

The different stations that you may wish to tune into all have a separate digital frequency, and like with television, the decoder that you have in the home or in your car will automatically find all the stations in real time. This means that the end result you actually hear is converted from binary into analogue and the music will sound as good as an unscratched compact disc.

The footprints that are used in order for these digital broadcasts are huge, and the advantage of this is that you will never have to retune your set on a long journey again. A country the size of Britain needs only footprint to cover even the furthest of points, America starting with two, one for the west coast, and the other for the east.

In order to successfully listen to this kind of radio, you do not need to worry about having a huge parabolic dish like those required for television. A simple digital aerial is sufficient, and this will allow you to obtain excellent reception wherever you are, even if you are on the move.

Two Way Radio Technology – Serving Success

In this ever increasing competitive world and in the era of industrialization, all the corporate houses are engaged in the rat race and try desperately to beat the other one and reach the zenith of success. So, they are devising various methods and procedures to move ahead of each other and try their best to be the first preference and choice of their targeted customers.

Earlier, the working system was easy and not much complex. But now-a-days, the working procedures of the Multi national companies have leapfrogged and have witnessed radical changes. In order to be more productive and efficient the companies are ready to go to any extent and the advent of the new era technology has provided a new impetus to the corporate houses.

In the vast expanse of the company area, it is very difficult to maintain close contact with the entire workman or the head with which you have to successfully co-ordinate to get in sync with the ongoing production and get informed about the minutest details. The two way radios have proved to be a boon and you can easily and conveniently keep close contact and get timely details about the working.

As the personnel have to keep in touch with his/her staff for the entire day, it is imperative for the two way radio batteries to be strong and last long. There are many companies and organizations which deal with these products which include two way radio antennas, two way radio batteries, two way radio headsets and other similar products. What more, you can even take the assistance of the internet.

You can easily and successfully browse through the various websites of the companies which furnish and offers two way radio antennas while sitting in the comforts of your home. By a little bit of research and exploration you can even discover those sites which offer two way radio headsets, batteries, antennas and so on at cost effective and affordable process. Getting your company on the top is the first priority of all the companies. By initiating small steps and rendering proper communication among the required staff members, you can experience your dream becoming a reality. These technologies can be your passport for a successful future and enhance your brand image!

New Rc Radio Technology Slips Under the Radar!

While we were busy this past summer, a startling development in rc aircraft radio has quietly crept into view!

This rc radio control transmitter came on the scene under the name of the Spectrum DX-6 and is offered by Horizon Hobbies. Somewhat resembling a conventional rc radio in switches and levers, it is anything but an ordinary rc aircraft radio transmitter in function! The most unusual aspect is that it operates on the extremely high frequency range of 2.4 Gigahertz as compared with the more common 72 Megahertz radios which we all have been using for many years.

“So what”, you might say. Well, gigahertz frequencies are well above the megahertz band where ordinary tv, radio, cell phones and garage door openers and most communication devices are found. Furthermore, the Spectrum radio employs a technique of locking on a discrete frequency between itself and it’s receiver (located in the airplane) and once locked in, there is literally a greater than million-to-one chance of another spectrum radio control transmitter locking onto exactly the same frequency.

With our 72 megahertz radios, operating on about 40 discrete channels, there is a very good chance that someone else at the field could interfere with control of your rc aircraft if his or her radio is also turned on. The disastrous consequences of loss of control will at very least cause the plane to crash, thus posing a very real danger to people and property in the flight path.

Another nice benefit is that the receiver for the Spectrum is very light and small and has two very short wire antennas which can easily be concealed within the plane’s fuselage for enhanced scale effect. Since the radios are highly unlikely to interfere with each other, it appears that soon there will be little need for the careful frequency controls we have been using up to now.

One new requirement has appeared with these new radios and that is the need for an additional, duplicate receiver in some models with massive engines or structure which might serve to interfere with the reception of radio signals under certain conditions of distance and positioning.

It appears that we are about to enjoy a massive leap forward in radio technology with the advent of the usage of the gigahertz radio band.

For more information on the developments and the basics of electric flight, please visit my site at [http://www.rc-electric-aircraft-info.com] Reprinting: you are welcome to reprint this article, but it must be complete, unaltered and with original links intact.

HD Radio Technology and Multi Casting or More Is Really Better

The hottest new thing in sound is called HD Radio technology. And what it does for radio is the same thing that HDTV does for TV – it makes it light years better! In fact, when you listen to HD AM radio, you’ll think you’re listening to FM. And when you listen to FM, you’ll think you’re listening to a CD.

Why more is better

In HD Radio technology, compressed digital signals can be subdivided. This allows a station to multi-cast. meaning it could broadcast two or more programs at the same time. So, its listeners might be able to choose between a sports program and easy listening music – on the same station at the same time. This gets exciting because it will allow stations to do more niche broadcasting, just as cable as brought niche channels to television.

For example, the radio station you’ve always tuned to for classic rock, might subdivide into classic rock, and reggae, or classic rock and old school hip-hop.

Naturally, you would be able to hear these stations only if you have an HD Radio technology receiver. If you don’t, you’ll still hear the same AM or FM station you’re used to.

How it works

HD Radio technology works much like traditional analog transmissions (AM and FM are both analog signals). The difference is that the station broadcasting HD Radio technology transmits an extra digital radio signal, along with its normal analog signal. It can also broadcast a third signal for text data.

Your radio receiver receives the signal – just as it does an AM or FM signal. If you have a HD Radio receiver, it will decompress and translate the signal and viola! You get bright, clean, near-CD quality.

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HD Radio Technology – The Hottest New Thing in Sound Explained

The hottest new thing in sound is called HD Radio technology. And what it does for radio is the same thing that HDTV does for TV – it makes it light years better! In fact, when you listen to HD AM radio, you’ll think you’re listening to FM. And when you listen to FM, you’ll think you’re listening to a CD.

What makes this possible?

HD Radio technology works much like traditional analog transmissions (AM and FM are both analog signals).

The difference is that the station broadcasting HD Radio technology transmits an extra digital radio signal, along with its normal analog signal. It can also broadcast a third signal for text data.

Your radio receiver receives the signal – just as it does an AM or FM signal. If you have a HD Radio receiver, it will decompress and translate the signal and viola! You get bright, clean, near-CD quality sound.

What happens if you don’t have an HD Radio technology receiver? It’s simple. You hear your normal analog radio- AM or FM.

AM radio has smaller sections of bandwidth than FM radio. This means there is not enough “space” to give AM stations the same near-CD quality as FM stations. But there is enough bandwidth that AM stations will be able to broadcast with the same clarity of signal as one of today’s analog FM stations. This performance boost is expected to make AM radio a better alternative to FM than it has been – to give you more listening choices.

Less vulnerable

Digital FM radio is less vulnerable to reception problems. Your HD Radio tuner’s digital processors will eliminate all those annoying pops, hisses, fades and static caused by interference.

What happens if you lose the digital signal for some reason? Really nothing. HD Radio technology defaults back to analog mode in much the same way as conventional radios switch from stereo to mono mode when the signal is weak. Then, when the digital signal again becomes available, your HD Radio automatically switches back. What could be simpler?

HD Radio Technology – the Next Big Thing in Sound

The next big thing in sound is here and it’s called HD Radio Technology. It’s on its way to doing for radio what HDTV has done for television.

HD radio technology has already taken Great Britain and much of Europe by storm and will soon do the same thing here.

HD Radio technology is great because it makes it possible for FM stations to sound nearly as good as if you were listening to a CD. The sound is just amazing – clean, pure and crystal-clear. It even enables AM stations to sound as good as an FM station today.

Let’s pretend you’re a talk radio fan. Just imagine how much better your experience will be when there’s no distortion, no annoying hiss, crackle, fade or static. It will be just like listening to your favorite AM station broadcast in FM.

And if music is your thing, you’ll love HD Radio technology even more because you’ll be able to hear music on your favorite classic or rock station in the clearest, cleanest, purest form ever available over the airways and free!.

Plus Multicasting or HD2 channels

In fact, this technology even makes it possible for your local stations to broadcast in true 5.1 surround sound. Just imagine that. You turn on your favorite music station and you are immediately surrounded by sound — just as if you were sitting in your favorite concert hall.

HD Radio technology also makes possible a technology called multicasting that allows stations to broadcast two or more different signals simultaneously. So, your favorite oldies stations could also be broadcasting hip-hop or R&B at the same time.

More than 1,000 stations are already broadcasting in HD Radio technology. And HD radios are available for the home and car.

So far, radio stations have not done much publicity on this exciting, new form of broadcasting but you can bet that will be changing in the near future.

5 Lessons Learned: Services

Tips When Hiring B2B Call Center Service Providers.

The world of business today has been seen to be very competitive and one will have to go an extra mile to ensure that they have an upper hand as opposed to their competitors. It will be ideal for you to have a strategic business process that will enable you to have partners who will take care of the non-core functions. With this in mind, then it becomes easy to understand why you need to hire these b2b call center services. In order to deliver a good business-to-business relationship that will bring about development strategies, then outsourcing technical support will be the ideal remedy. Engaging B2B Call Center service providers will be the answer for your business continuity within the organization.

Leveraging the power of standardized research like the pre-sales qualifications are some of the things that you will enjoy as a business once you start using this service. Your customers satisfaction will be guaranteed and you will not have to worry about it anymore once you start using this service since you will be able to concentrate on data entry as well as reporting and more so sales lead generations. As the demand for optimized and reduced operation cost keeps on calling, it is evident that most business owners today are looking forward to hiring this b2b call center service providers.

You should be willing to consider a few things way before hiring this b2b service provider. It is therefore crucial to read more in order to learn more about these considerations. One of the major considerations that you must have at the back of your mind is understanding the products they offer to see if this matches the business needs. Since there are b2b call center service providers who focus on the outbound as well as other focus on the inbound solutions, you should be able to understand each of them what they offer. In addition, you should note that there are some contact centers that will only offer you with only industry-specific services.

Since you must be having specific communication needs, then it will be important that you check out the kind of service this people are offering to ensure that you get the right one that has the kind of communication infrastructure that you are looking for. You should ensure that you check out the language before you choose to hire the service provider for your b2b call center services. You should note that if you hire these service providers from outside countries may not be ideal for your business to business communication. It is ideal that you consider the cost before hiring this service providers.